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The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant

A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be

Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C

The only book of its kind, supporting psychotherapists through their pregnancy journey and into more grounded personal and professional lives.

The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant is a playful workbook and guide for therapist parents-to-be that illuminates the ways your body and business will change during this exciting and stressful time.

Let’s think things through together.

For all you psychotherapists out there who are in private or group practice and who are preparing to start your families, your personal and professional lives are about to change in ways you can’t imagine.

When you are pregnant and running a small business, you’ve got more responsibilities: to take better care of yourself (and thereby, your baby) and to do right by your business so that it stays strong throughout your pregnancy and parental leave. If your business is mental health, you’ve got the added responsibility to thoughtfully guide your clients through a time of change where your personal life will inevitably make it into the room.

The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant takes a light-hearted approach to the thinking and planning that’s necessary when you’re a pregnant therapist, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your best to prepare yourself and your clients.

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