Real Moment #004

by | Jan 30, 2018 | 0 comments

Do you see this block? It’s nearly perfectly solved. I’d never really tried to solve it before, just to move pieces around and match things up, solving one side at a time, not being able to figure out how to do more. The other day I picked up the block and decided: I’m gonna solve this whole darned thing.

I started out by seeking general guidance on the strategy of the thing. When I got to the end of my capabilities, I sought out more structured guidance, read thoroughly through the steps I needed to follow, and suspended disbelief that each seemingly random twist and turn would lead me closer to my goal.

I followed those steps sooo carefully. And I still ended up with this. Two pieces out of place. The way to solve these two pieces not found in my rule book. Not perfect.

It’s been a couple of months, but as I wrote these words, this was my life: Not. Perfect. Full of experiences contributing to a loss of security, disappointment, uncertainty, fear of hardship, fear of change, loss of income, inconvenience, and stress.

Perhaps this “not perfect” thing is your life too, and perhaps it is always all life. No matter how hard we work, how diligently we plan, how faithfully we seek our goals, life is never perfect. There are always at least a couple things out of place. Sometimes some of us may choose to effort towards solving these last two pieces of the cube and there is, no doubt, a solution out there. But there’s no clear solution to each of life’s problem pieces. There’s only the beauty of what’s going well and the reality of what isn’t.

The day I wrote this, in the midst of some personal, quiet mayhem (and two pieces out of place!), I saw the imperfection and I chose to see the beauty in the imperfection too. And I choose it today all over again.


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