Real Moment #003

Nov 8, 2017 | 0 comments

There’s no better way to remember that stuff is just stuff (or to begin a journey into minimalism) than your house getting robbed. When you wake up every morning after and realize your life hasn’t drastically changed, that you didn’t actually need that stuff (well, not all of it anyway) there’s a sense of peace in that. All of my jewelry was taken, except one necklace. All of the little trinkets I owned – some very special and some weighing me down because I HAD to have them and then never wore them – gone. Except one: a necklace with a Ganesha pendant; Lord and Remover of Obstacles he’s called.


I used to think of Ganesh as the Remover of Obstacles, as in, “please help me remove all the obstacles standing in the way of that new job or relationship I want! If only I had no obstacles, life would be great, just get ’em outta here!” But I’ve come to enjoy the idea that obstacles help us to grow and to get clearer about what we want and what’s really important to us. In that way, I get how Ganesh lords over obstacles and invites us to embrace the lessons they have for us.

It’s been two weeks and time is also a great healer. Here’s to getting clearer about what’s really important. Thanks for the perspective, robbers.


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