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The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant

A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be

Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C

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The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant: A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be is a book about all the decisions there are to make when you are a mental health professional who becomes pregnant, especially if you are also a self-employed psychotherapist (from the author’s heart to yours).
It’s the book pregnant psychotherapists have always needed and couldn’t find. There are many, many books helping therapists hone their craft (some of which we read and many of which we stack in large piles on our nightstands). Midwives and doulas and perhaps doctors too (opinions, y’all) have written many books on pregnancy and childbirth. And books about the business of therapy are growing in quantity and accessibility. But contemporary books about the practice of therapy while pregnant do not exist… until now. The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant is a light-hearted, easy-to-read, workbook style guide that therapists who are pregnant or preparing to grow their family will gobble right up.
Pregnancy is both a joyful and a stressful time for working professionals, especially for those who own their own businesses. If you’re a pregnant mental health professional, your work requires you to take care of others and your pregnancy requires you to take care of yourself and your unborn baby even more than usual (yeesh). There’s a lot to balance.
The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant: A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be offers mental health professionals a place to think about and prepare for how pregnancy will impact their business, trimester by trimester. The book is organized into three parts, corresponding to each trimester of pregnancy, with Checklists at the end of each. In the First Trimester, the book talks about how to just get through the day, manage uncertainty at the beginning of your pregnancy, put some regular self-care in place, and how to do financial planning for taking a parental leave. In the Second Trimester, the book talks about client concerns and clinical issues, how to make big decisions about your work, and how to plan ahead for the unexpected. In the Third Trimester, the book talks about self-care for the final days of pregnancy, how to do client transition planning, and the emotional work of endings and beginnings.
What makes the book stand out?
Throughout the book, the author shares personal anecdotes and gives room for readers to write down their own thoughts and plans (because you are the expert on your own life). Readers won’t get bogged down by technical talk – The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant is like a conversation with a friend (but although there are many sentences in this book, “oh, mama…” doesn’t begin any of them). The author uses gender neutral language to make the book more accessible (because not all pregnant people are “shes”).
The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant, written by Kara Bolling, LCSW-C, takes a fun and light-hearted approach to the topic of pregnancy, mental health work, and small business development. During her first pregnancy, Kara was all nerves about all the things she could not know and that no one was really talking about. When she got pregnant again, writing this book helped her remember what she’d learned and expand on that knowledge. In this book, the author shares personal anecdotes from both of her pregnancies, clinical wisdom she’s learned over the years, and practical wisdom she’s discovered about how to manage her business.
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To learn more or request a review copy, or for inquiries regarding interviews or speaking engagements, please contact the author, Kara Bolling, at You can also visit the author on Instagram or Facebook @karabollinglcswc.

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Publication Date: November 26, 2019
Release Date: February 1, 2020
Published by Two Suns Healing, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-7343158-0-6
Paperback: $11.99
Ebook: $8.99
Printed and available for bulk order at

About the Author

Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C is a psychotherapist in Ellicott City, Maryland. Kara loves babies and always thought once she started having them she’d want to quit social work to be with babies all day (the cuties). Instead, she’s discovered that her love for her babies has expanded her creativity and love for her work. Kara wants to help all baby-having therapists find their way through pregnancy and postpartum, to reconnect with themselves and find their parent power.
Kara put herself through college and grad school taking care of (and loving) other people’s babies. In her professional life, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Elon University in 2003 and a Master of Social Work from Catholic University of America in 2006. She worked as a clinical case manager for children and families in foster care, as a therapist for teenagers in a community-based residential treatment program, and as a therapist for children, teens, and adults at a large non-profit before taking her private psychotherapy practice full time in 2016. She loves being her own boss, but wonders why she’s never been chosen for Employee of the Month.
In her private practice, Kara uses a somatic psychotherapy approach to help adults through relationship issues and trauma recovery. She also works with parents who need support during the toddler and teenage years. Kara lives in Baltimore with her husband and two precious children. This is her first book. Visit her at and on Facebook and Instagram @karabollinglcswc.

For inquiries regarding interviews and speaking engagements, contact the author at

“I truly wish I had this book when I was having my children.”

Ms. Bolling nails it in this quintessential handbook for mental health professionals who also hope to become parents. She clearly outlines potential issues a pregnant therapist may encounter and offers a trimester by trimester guide on how to address them. She integrates legal, financial, and emotional advice in a heartfelt and engaging way. I truly wish I had this book when I was having my children.

Sharon P. Fisher, PMHNP-BC

Author of "Beyond the Egg Timer: A Companion Guide for Having Babies in Your Mid-Thirties and Older", Nurtured Well, LLC

“It feels like a conversation with a friend.”

Kara’s book has helped put my mind at ease about being pregnant while continuing my work. Pregnancy is broken down into the trimesters as it applies to being a therapist, laying out to-do items for each. The “Over-Share” sections added relatable personal anecdotes, likely normalizing many situations and feelings a pregnant person could experience during their pregnancy. Her casual writing style is accessible and keeps it “light” and interesting, even while tackling some serious topics relating to pregnancy. It feels like a conversation with a friend. For those who like an interactive guide, Kara includes several sections. It is a quick read but is filled with wonderful insight, experience, possible scenarios, empathy, wit, and practical help. This book makes me feel like I will have a reference while I navigate pregnancy and work.

Krista Zerby, LGMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women, and this book makes it just a little bit easier.”

This book is such a helpful resource for anyone in the mental health field who is or is considering being pregnant. I wish I would have had it during my first two pregnancies, as my story lined up with the authors and I could really relate to it… Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women, and this book makes it just a little bit easier… I didn’t take a maternity leave with either pregnancy and I regret that (I didn’t think I COULD without losing clients or income). If I am ever in the position of expecting while practicing in private practice again, I will certainly reference this book to help plan for a proper leave… Give it a read and see if it helps!

Tara Falcone, LCPC

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