Therapist's Guide to Being Pregnant

The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant

A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be

Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C

The only book of its kind, supporting psychotherapists through their pregnancy journey and into more grounded personal and professional lives.

The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant is a playful workbook and guide for therapist parents-to-be that illuminates the ways your body and business will change during this exciting and stressful time.

Let’s think things through together.

For all you psychotherapists out there who are in private or group practice and who are preparing to start your families, your personal and professional lives are about to change in ways you can’t imagine.

When you are pregnant and running a small business, you’ve got more responsibilities: to take better care of yourself (and thereby, your baby) and to do right by your business so that it stays strong throughout your pregnancy and parental leave. If your business is mental health, you’ve got the added responsibility to thoughtfully guide your clients through a time of change where your personal life will inevitably make it into the room.

The Therapist’s Guide to Being Pregnant takes a light-hearted approach to the thinking and planning that’s necessary when you’re a pregnant therapist, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your best to prepare yourself and your clients.

“I truly wish I had this book when I was having my children.”

Ms. Bolling nails it in this quintessential handbook for mental health professionals who also hope to become parents. She clearly outlines potential issues a pregnant therapist may encounter and offers a trimester by trimester guide on how to address them. She integrates legal, financial, and emotional advice in a heartfelt and engaging way. I truly wish I had this book when I was having my children.

Sharon P. Fisher, PMHNP-BC

Author of "Beyond the Egg Timer: A Companion Guide for Having Babies in Your Mid-Thirties and Older", Nurtured Well, LLC

“It feels like a conversation with a friend.”

Kara’s book has helped put my mind at ease about being pregnant while continuing my work. Pregnancy is broken down into the trimesters as it applies to being a therapist, laying out to-do items for each. The “Over-Share” sections added relatable personal anecdotes, likely normalizing many situations and feelings a pregnant person could experience during their pregnancy. Her casual writing style is accessible and keeps it “light” and interesting, even while tackling some serious topics relating to pregnancy. It feels like a conversation with a friend. For those who like an interactive guide, Kara includes several sections. It is a quick read but is filled with wonderful insight, experience, possible scenarios, empathy, wit, and practical help. This book makes me feel like I will have a reference while I navigate pregnancy and work.

Krista Zerby, LGMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

“Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women, and this book makes it just a little bit easier.”

This book is such a helpful resource for anyone in the mental health field who is or is considering being pregnant. I wish I would have had it during my first two pregnancies, as my story lined up with the authors and I could really relate to it… Pregnancy is hard on a lot of women, and this book makes it just a little bit easier… I didn’t take a maternity leave with either pregnancy and I regret that (I didn’t think I COULD without losing clients or income). If I am ever in the position of expecting while practicing in private practice again, I will certainly reference this book to help plan for a proper leave… Give it a read and see if it helps!

Tara Falcone, LCPC

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