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You want more presence, well-being, authenticity, connection.

Each are important in cultivating a satisfying and joyful life. And each take an ability to act on our own behalf and in goal-directed ways. If you find there are barriers standing in the way of you owning your innate ability to find peace, meaning, and relationship in your life, I can help.
If you feel lonely or misunderstood… If you feel out of balance personally or professionally… If your personal and professional relationships are unsatisfying or full of conflict… If you crave a relationship that you don’t have… If you crave greater intimacy in a relationship that you do have… If you are haunted by the pain of the past… If you long for spiritual depth in your life or in love…  Let me help you cultivate safer and more satisfying relationships with others, and with your self.


You have basic needs: needs for love, closeness, safety and stability, autonomy, self-worth, identity, well-being, and meaning. In order to experience the satisfaction and happiness that is possible in life, you want to learn how to get your needs met within yourself and in relationships.


When we feel stressed, triggered, anxious, angry, hopeless, and we’re ready to lash out at ourselves or at others, the body knows before we do. I offer a healing that begins in the body, by helping you to cultivate an awareness of how your body is telling you what you need. Every session is an opportunity to practice mindfulness and relational skills to help you tune in to your needs and to how to get them met.


Call me now if you want to improve your ability to deal with conflict, feel safer in the world, or have more satisfying relationships.


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